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Med Scanner

The app that allows you to look up multiple drugs 270x faster by scanning*. It’s the best drug app for instant medication information, written in simple language. 


50% off
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Med Scanner allows you to look up multiple drugs 270x faster than if you searched individually. Now... you have a lot of free time! Plus:


Scan an entire medication list or multiple vials/bottles and obtain all the pertinent drug information within seconds.


Search multiple drugs at once and get all the drug info in seconds.


Scan handwritten med lists with great accuracy.


Medication information is written with simplicity in mind.


Decide which bits of information you want to see, and in what order.


Feel confident passing meds with all the med knowledge at your fingertips.

Stop wasting time looking up drugs one at a time. Scan and understand your meds with Med Scanner.

Click on the video for a sneak peek into the Med Scanner app.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Med Scanner?
    Med Scanner is a mobile app created by Knowolol, LLC. Med Scanner is a pharmacology app designed to make looking up multiple drugs much quicker, and simplifies drug information.
  • How much does Med Scanner cost? How do I get 50% off?
    Med Scanner is free to use! We do offer a premium subscription for $3.99/month or $39.99/year which offers the following benefits: Unlocks all drugs, unlimited # of med lists, unlimited # of meds within med lists, and ability to share med lists (print, email, etc.) You can easily get 50% off your first month of the premium subscription. For iOS users, use the code "50OFF". For Android users, the first month will automatically be 50% off.
  • *Is Med Scanner really 270x faster?
    We estimate that it takes the average student nurse at least 45 minutes to look up all the medications for his or her morning med pass. With Med Scanner, you can get all the same information in ten seconds or less by scanning (as long as all the meds are in our formulary). This means something that took 2700 seconds (45 min) now only takes 10 seconds. Yup, that's 270x faster!
  • What happens to the image that I scan?
    Great question! We use Google Vision AI, so please visit their site for the full details. In brief, every scan (image) is sent to Google where the text is pulled from the image. The image is permanently deleted shortly after the text is gathered from the image. Neither the owners of the app nor the developers ever see or have access to scanned images. Once all the text is pulled from the image, only drug names are searched and identified, and everything else is deleted.
  • Is this app HIPAA compliant?
    An educational pharmacology app isn’t a covered entity under HIPAA laws. That being said, first, you shouldn’t scan any patient information. However, even if some patient information accidentally got into the image, it wouldn’t be shared or stored anywhere. Second, any scanned medication lists should not be saved using real names or easily identifiable descriptions.
  • Why doesn’t the medication I scanned show up?
    This is one of three reasons. First, it could be that the image quality is degraded enough that the text couldn’t be identified. Second, any misspelled drugs will not be found. Third, the medication may not be in our formulary. If you search the drug and can’t find it, please email us at and let me know and we’d be happy to add it.


The Results are Undeniable


"This app is great for looking up medications you’re unfamiliar with or as a good refresher on a medication you haven’t used in awhile. I recommended this app to a friend in nursing school and she said it was really helpful in understanding medications in her clinical’s and helpful for tests. You can look up medications by search, or scan the bottle or box. It really works!! I was so surprised that I could just take a picture of a medication and the app found it.


Extremely Useful App!"

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Download the free
Med Scanner app today and see how it can save you time and improve your understanding of medications.


Hi. We are Knowolol LLC, a company eager to help you understand pharmacology quickly. So we created an app called Med Scanner which allows users to scan either an entire list of medications, or scan multiple pill bottles/vials, and it will give you all the pertinent drug information right on your phone. 

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